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Getting the Works with Numerous Perks

At Carwash Carwash, we are committed to helping you get the most value for your money. We know the best and easiest way to maintain your car’s value is to simply keep it clean. Our wash and detailing services help eliminate irritants that can affect the look and value of your car.

Did You Know…

High temperatures can also add to problems with your car’s paint. In warmer weather, acid from bugs, tree sap, bird dropping and even environmental pollutants can all cause permanent stains on your car and accelerate the corrosion process if not washed regularly.

Don’t let your investment go to waste! Keep your car’s value in check with one of the perks of being a Carwash Carwash customer. We offer several different ways for you to reap some major rewards.

Take a Look at Some of Our Rewards

At Carwash Carwash we love our loyal customers! We appreciate your support and are happy to offer a VIP Rewards Program. Pick up a VIP Punch Card the next time you visit Carwash Carwash. Get “The Works” nine times and the tenth time is FREE!

But That’s Not All…

The rewards don’t stop there. Did you know you can get $4 OFF a wash and vacuum, “The Works” carwash or our Manager’s Special when you get your oil changed at Grease Monkey?

We even offer a free carwash and vacuum on your birthday! Celebrate your birthday in style with a car that shines like new. Just bring an identification card with a picture of you and your date of birth to receive our free gift!